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CBD 101:

Class is in Session!

What is CBD? How does it work?

CBD stands for “cannabidiol” (Can-uh-bid-ee-ol), and is one of a plethora of cannabinoids (molecules found in hemp and cannabis) found in the hemp plant. Learn the basics of CBD before buying, such as how it works in the body, how long it takes to be effective and what results can be expected. 


Why is Better U… Better?

Every CBD company claims to have the best CBD available…

but just like anything else, not all CBD is created equally. Learn what sets Better U CBD apart, and how to tell high-quality CBD products from those that may dangerously processed.  


So, you began your CBD journey…now what?

If you’re just starting out with Better U CBD, you’ll want to learn what to expect in the weeks and months to come. Find out here as you move toward wellness and take your very own 3-month challenge for a better you!

Your Personal

3-Month Challenge



How Better U Found Its Roots

Before founding Better U CBD, founder Jack Prater was living a life of pain and suffering. 

After a bout with Leukemia, and while suffering sickening side effects from massive amounts of pharmaceuticals, Jack decided he was fed up with slowly dying. He was ready to live again. 


Our Team

Jack Prater
Founder | CEO


Beth Prater
Founder | Manager


Digital Design | Marketing


Jared Siler
SEO | Marketing


What our customers are saying

I am on my feet at least 12 hours a day. I had extreme pain in my knees and limited mobility.

After a short time of using Better U CBD oil, I have been relieved of my pain and the mobility in my knees has returned.

I will continue using Better U CBD oil and expect to continue with its positive results. I’ve even got friends using it too!

Kerry Price / Security Guard

 I have read lots of reviews for CBD products and the area I was most interested in was sleep and anxiety.

After much research I made the decision to try CBD. I wanted a clean, pure product that met all they criteria for a superior CBD oil. I found that product in Better U CBD oil and have been using it since March 2019.

It has helped me wean myself completely off my anxiety medication. I have also had sleep problems for over 10 years and have taken Ambien daily. NO MORE! I now sleep well and wake up feeling great.

I highly recommend Better U CBD oil and am happy with my purchase. I have recommend it to friends and they too have had great results.

Garland Schuler / Retired Fire Captain

 I have owned my tire and brake business for over 25 years and it has taken a toll on my body. Arthritis pain in my hands, arms, knees and legs. I Could not sleep.

I was taking medications for both problems. I watched my friend, Jack Prater, transform before my eyes. I had to have what he had.

I’ve been buying his product since he started the company in January 2019…  BETTER U CBD oil twice daily for me from now on!

Jimmy Turner / Tire Shop Owner

I live a very active life, work and family keep me busy.

My knee pain was so severe I was considering knee replacement surgery. I was taking cortisone shots and eating ibuprofen like candy and it was tearing up my stomach. I had to just so I could keep moving.

In February 2019 my cousin told me about Better U CBD oil. After listening to other’s testimonies about the life changing effects, I give it a try. And I am so glad I did. Not waking up to pain every day and I am sleeping like a baby.

It gives me an overall rested mind and body. I would recommend Better U CBD to anyone with chronic joint pain. Better U has made me a better ME!

Melanie Young / Business Owner

New to CBD oil? Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use it!

It  couldn’t be simpler to start a CBD oil regimen, and Better U CBD oil is the perfect place to start. 

From warm cinnamon, refreshing peppermint and natural hemp to zesty orange and sweet lemon, we’ve got the flavors that’ll make taking Better U CBD a moment of pleasure in your busy day.  

Try them all and let us know which one is your favorite!


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